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  1. What officiant services do you provide?

    Civil Union, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious Ceremony, Same Sex, Single Religion Ceremony

  2. Will Reverend Vikki officiate weddings or commitment ceremonies for LGBT or non-traditional couples?

    Absolutely! Love takes many forms and Reverend Vikki is honored to be a part of your special day, and committed to being respectful and welcoming of any special circumstance. If the law does not presently allow you to have a legally recognized marriage, Reverend Vikki is happy to perform your commitment ceremony in your home state, or travel to a state where a legally recognized marriage can be performed.

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Fees & Deposits

  1. Why are Reverend Vikki's rates so much lower than those of other Officiants?

    Reverend Vikki believes that life is expensive - love shouldn’t have to be. That is why her rates are consistently lower than other quotes you will receive. Because there are a myriad of ways a couple can choose to celebrate their marriage, there are a myriad of services available to perfectly suit each couple. Pricing is determined by the complexity of the ceremony, the number and types of elements included in your ceremony, the amount of travel and the length of on-site presence that your wedding will require.

  2. What is Reverend Vikki's price range?

    Have a small, intimate weekday wedding, starting at $150. Contact Rev. Vikki for more information on rates!

  3. Do I have to leave a deposit in order to hold a date with Reverend Vikki?

    If your date is available, Reverend Vikki will hold it for 3 full days from the time of replying to your initial inquiry, free of charge (must be at least 30 days from the desired date, does not include holidays). After that, a deposit of at least 50% of the estimated total cost of the ceremony is encouraged in order to hold your date. Your deposit can be made via cash, money order, or PayPal ( Unless otherwise stated in writing, if you have not left a deposit, and it has been more than 3 days from your initial contact from Reverend Vikki, your date is NOT reserved.

  4. Why are there additional fees required for some ceremonies?

    With Reverend Vikki, you can choose to include almost any element you could possibly want in your wedding, and choose to have that wedding almost anywhere. Any financial cost required for Reverend Vikki to participate in your wedding is your responsibility, and there are modest additional fees for hiking into a location, travel outside of the Austin area (or driving more than 20 miles each way from the 78758 zip code), or partaking in dangerous or physically demanding activities. For instance, if you want to get married at half time during the UT game, you would supply Reverend Vikki’s ticket (buying her a beer would also be nice, but it is not required). If you wanted to have your wedding at Hamilton Pool - where there is a half mile hike from the parking lot to the pool - there is a small additional fee, as well. Basically, if your wedding requires a medical waiver, a climbing harness, a safety bar, a life jacket, protective goggles, additional insurance, or hiking boots, there will be a modest additional fee. You will be given a full and complete accounting of any and all fees.

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Custom Written Ceremonies

  1. I would like a completely custom-written ceremony. How does Reverend Vikki know what to write?

    During her professional life, Reverend Vikki has worked as a professional writer in several different markets, and has a true life-long love of the written word. The creative process for a custom-written ceremony has several simple and easy-to-navigate steps. First, you’ll tell Reverend Vikki the tone you’re looking for. Do you want something classic and traditional? Romantic and sweet? Laid back and fun? Or exciting and unforgettable? Next, Reverend Vikki will set up a conversation with both you and your fiancé (this is generally conducted over the phone or via Skype or video chat) and learn about the two of you as a couple. Then, you and your fiancé will take some time on your own to choose the readings, prayers, sayings, jokes, stories, songs or poems that have resonated with you during your lives. Reverend Vikki will use all of this information to help create the first draft of your ceremony, which we use as a starting point for the completed version. With your suggestions and input, this draft will be tweaked and re-written until it is absolutely perfect. At every step of the way, you will have complete approval over all elements of your ceremony. The price you agree to pay for your ceremony includes as many conversations, emails, drafts and revisions as may be needed to create a ceremony that you and your fiancé are both completely happy with.

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  1. What religion is Reverend Vikki and what kind of religious content is included in her ceremonies?

    Personally, Reverend Vikki is a Taoist, but as a Reverend, she is completely non-denominational. And she believes that your relationship with your idea of God is one of the most personal relationships you’ll ever have. After all, it really only has to work for one person in the whole world - and that’s YOU. That’s why you can feel comfortable, knowing that you can incorporate as little or as much spiritual or religious content into your wedding as you would like. Whether you have no attachment to religion, a casual or highly personalized view of religion, strong and specific ideas about how religion should fit into your wedding, or a desire to blend two different belief systems into your ceremony, Reverend Vikki is happy to honor and respect your wishes.

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Marriage Licenses

  1. How and when do I get a Marriage License?

    In order to be legally married in Texas, you must obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk’s office no earlier than 3 (three) and no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date you wish to marry. Shorter waiting periods are available for active military personnel. View Marriage License Laws in your state here.

    Always verify information with your local County Clerk’s Office.

  2. Who needs to sign the marriage license?

    Different counties have different signature requirements. In all cases, the Officiant (hopefully, Reverend Vikki) will sign the license. Your county may also require one or multiple witnesses.

  3. What happens to the license after it is signed?

    After the signing of the Marriage License, Reverend Vikki will mail the signed license to the appropriate County Clerk’s office, in the Self Addressed Envelope they will supply for you. The County Clerk’s office will process the Marriage License, and return it to you at the address of record. This can take anywhere from 1 week to a month.

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    Clorissa and Michael Andrews
    Married October 10, 2010
  • "Reverend Vikki is such an amazing person and officiant! My husband and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect ceremony! It was personalized to fit our relationship perfectly! ..."
    Married February 4, 2011

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